Saturday, March 14, 2020

Distinction Internet versus Intranet essays

Distinction Internet versus Intranet essays Even on a purely grammatical level, it is important to realize the distinction between the Internet' and an intranet.' The Internet, which should be always be capitalized is the proper name of the international network of connectivity, through various domains, networks, and email addresses. However "intranet," a network confined to a smaller group, is a generic term that does not deserve capitalization. It would only be capitalized if one were referring to a specific intranet, such as the Microsoft in-house Intranet. Furthermore, because the Internet is not a tangible item, when advertising the Internet' for a specific price, it would be more accurate to refer to Internet access, rather than the An intranet is also somewhat conceptually difficult, however, because an intranet is a part of a greater whole, namely it is a network that makes use of the Internet even though it does not encompass the Internet. According to Steven Telleen's article of 1998, even during the relatively nascent states of internal network development, there was a great deal of confusion. Telleen stresses that an intranet, like the Internet, is based upon sharing of content, however the intranet is a local and specific connection and is based between a select number of Internet users, as opposed to the frontier-like expanse of the Internet, which can expand indefinitely, unlike an intranet, which is a specific hub and generally is based upon sharing specific information between users that have limited access to the intranet. An intranet can keep people out and can lock people into a specific hub of the World Wide Web, while a user of the Internet in general, unless located within the confines of an intranet, remains relatively unconfined. A management overseer generally organizes the content of an intranet, as well as protects its users and guards the ...

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